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SEO Research

To identify your competitors and understand exactly why are they ranking higher than you, SEO Research is inevitable. We help you conduct an absolute SEO research through a number of intelligent activities in the SEO and SEM domain. Putting at work some of the best SEO talents of the industry, we promise to empower you with an online competitive advantage with our SEO Research service and Analysis. In addition, search engine optimization research also helps you to set goals and drive your SEO strategy in the right direction.

SEO Research Reports

To help you build and take your SEO campaign in the right direction, we provide you a thorough insight into the market competition through the following SEO research reports.

Top 5 Competitor Analysis
his provides you with an incisive insight into your competitor’s Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in terms of link building services, keyword targeting, internet marketing services and more. The package also includes Top 5 competitors identification and their on-page and off-page optimization, content architecture and website architecture strategy.
Keyword Research Analysis Report
One cannot even think of formulating an SEO campaign without having the right set of keywords to target. So, here we are, with our truly competent keyword research analysis report created after working on data retrieved through more than data from over 200 search engines using powerful API’s and tools bring to you the most suitable keywords that you must target for your SEO campaign.
On page website optimization Analysis report
This report will provide you with complete set of suggestions on how to conduct on-page optimization for your website. It includes website architecture and navigation analysis, content placement. Anchor text and meta tag optimization, website code optimization analysis and more technical on-page variable checks.
Off Page optimization analysis Report
Get to know everything about your current status on the off page optimization factors. In addition, avail efficient recommendations on how you can improvise your off page optimization and lead your with better rank on search engines. From back link analysis, bad neighborhood link analysis to complete competitor back link analysis and strategy, every required off-page optimization techniques is worked upon in this report.
Web Usability Report
Our website usability analysis is a way to identifying and quantifying the performance and effectiveness of your website. We employ various software tools, manual testing, data collection to conduct this analysis, which eventually provides information your core business needs, the user behavior on your website, shortcomings of your competitor websites along with other significant aspects like designing, content And navigational ease of your website.

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