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SEO Guarantee

At BrainPulse, we recognize the importance of earning profits from the SEO campaigns. We are proud to declare that our guaranteed SEO services reveal our expertise and confidence in our ability to make a website rank on the major search engines biggies like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Our SEO services are supported by 100% money back guarantee, which states that if we fail to deliver our results, we will refund your money.

SEO Guarantee Outline

Our guarantee is applicable for our Business SEO and Intense SEO plans. We have set up certain guidelines and based on which we categorize whether we have delivered or failed. These guidelines are applicable on the number of targeted keywords which generally vary from 10 - 50.

When do we declare that we have delivered?

  • If 50% of the keywords appear in the top10 rankings of the major search engine page result.
  • If 70% of the targeted key phrases appear in the top 20 of major search engines.
  • We guarantee top rankings only for two or more search engines, and Google being mandatory among them.

Everybody wants to be the winner and attain the first rank in the SERP but this is not feasible as different search engines follow different algorithms to rank web pages. Our main focus remains on Google ranking as it drives 80% of the relevant traffic and 90% visitors use Google for searching information. Besides Google we also consider Yahoo and MSN for our process and ensure high ranking in them as well.

100% Money Back Guarantee

It is unusual that we will fail to keep our promises, but if due to unavoidable circumstances we fall short of our results, we will continue our SEO services till we reach our goals without any extra charges. In case we are still unsuccessful, BrainPulse, as per our SEO guarantee guidelines will pay back the amount that was charged when we took the project in hand.

Guaranteed SEO services