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Press Release

SEO press release provides a great opportunity to enhance your business and promotions online. A properly distributed press release always benefits your website because you are supplying information to those visitors who are searching news related to the industry. BrainPulse ensures that our press releases derive the maximum visibility and it ranks well on search engines.

We follow the three “P’s”.

A good presentation of a press release is the heart of optimization. If you are unable to give a convincing presentation, illuminating an interesting topic, you are marked as stale.
Submitting a press release is not the end of it. Online press releases need to be decorated, emphasized and studded with vibrant ideas so as to entice the readers and keep them coming back again and again.
Online readers often have a very short span of time and so it is imperative to maintain clarity and simplicity while writing.

Press Release Services can be applied in:

New products and services:
Our prime focus is to highlight the new products and services of a company and to increase their sales target. Written professionally our press releases are informative and enhance your customer base.
Executive announcements:
Press releases include the company profiles and also the recruitment ads that help to get a prompt response.
Commentary releases:
Enlightening the customers about the new ventures and manufacturing details of a company can be covered in your press release.