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Link Building

Link building is a process of creating a network of hyperlinks into your website from other relevant online resources. It plays a vital role in boosting sales and in creating awareness and credibility of your website. Link popularity is the illustration of the total number of pages, that link to an individual website.

BrainPulse uses numerous techniques for developing links for your websites keeping in mind your aims and objectives. Our linking strategies are entirely ethical and one may choose the most appropriate plan based on their requirements ranging from links relevancy, pagerank (PR) requirements and reciprocal or one way link building.



Link Building Price Matrix

Link Relevancy One Way Links PR 0 PR 1 PR 2 PR 3 PR 4
Link Building Solution Link Building Solution $5 $10 $16 $25 $35
Link Building Solution NO $3 $6 $8 $14 $22
NO Link Building Solution $4 $8 $12 $20 $26
NO NO $2 $5 $7 $11 $16

Effective link building methodology

  • Competitive analysis and evaluation
  • Links with specific keywords in the Anchor text.
  • Randomize the anchor text and associated link description so as to avoid a set pattern of linking.
  • Avoid links from redirected scripts.
  • Gain links form websites containing PR specified Link pages.
  • No java script links.
  • Get links from only pre indexed pages.
  • No links from link farms or FFA networks.
  • No use of spam techniques to generate links.
  • No links from blogs or any sites containing offensive content.

High-quality links always bring in significant amount of relevant traffic to your website. Our highly efficient team provides you quality one-way links abiding by our link building methodologies. We at BrainPulse, constantly innovate and recreate new link building techniques to get your site the maximum remuneration from quality links.